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Company history

The company was established in 1976 as a “Working Unit” in “METALELEKTRIK” Tuzla with primary activities of construction work on transmission lines, substations, construction of cable cars, cable lying as well as design, engineering and construction of any types of electric utilities.

Company went trough several transformations from its beginning to the present days:

– in 1981 we have singled out and become OUR “UMEL DALEKOVODMONTAŽA” Tuzla, as    part of “SOUR UMEL”

– in 1988 we become “UMEL-DALEKOVODMONTAŽA” D.O.O. TUZLA

Company started the process of privatization in 1989/90 when 51% was privatized. Complete company was privatized in 1999.

Company activities and information

Design, production and installation of:

  • High voltage transmission lines up to 500 kV
  • Substations up to 500 kV
  • OPGW ropes and cables on the transmission lines
  • Medium voltage transmission lines and substations
  • Cable lines for all voltage levels
  • Distributive medium voltage and low voltage networks
  • Antenna masts, illumination of roads and sports grounds, cable railways and water slides

Basic company information

  • Ownership structure: Private company
  • Registration date: 1982
  • Total company area: 10.000 m2
  • Production facility area: 1.000 m2
  • Administration facility: 400 m2
  • Employees: 160
    • University trained: 19
    • Technicians and highly skilled: 25
    • Workers: 116

Umel-Dalekovodmontaža utilises the following programmes:


In the design phases, the design teams of Umel-Dalekovodmontaža d.o.o. use world-renown computer software:

UMEL Dalekovodmontaža

Work & production.

UMEL Dalekovodmontaža