The company was established in 1976 as a “Working Unit” in “METALELEKTRIK” Tuzla with primary activities of construction work on transmission lines, substations, construction of cable cars, cable lying as well as design, engineering and construction of any types of electric utilities.

Company went trough several transformations from its beginning to the present days:

  • in 1981 we have singled out and become OUR “UMEL DALEKOVODMONTAŽA” Tuzla, as part of “SOUR UMEL”
  • in 1988 we become “UMEL-DALEKOVODMONTAŽA” D.O.O. TUZLA

Company started the process of privatization in 1989/90 when 51% was privatized. Complete company was privatized in 1999.

From the beginning until today, the company improved the machinery and qualification of personnel, by which the company gained level of quality that have first class companies in Europe in the same business. We have built great number of 400 kV, 220 kV, 110 kV, 35 kV, 20 kV power lines and substations from 10 kV to 400kV and also low voltage networks, cable cars and lighting poles with associated electrical equipment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also company finished many projects in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and participate in projects in Canada, Finland, Germany and Libya.

The company currently has 130 employees, of which 15 are university educated, 22 are technicians and high skilled. The rest of the workers are mostly powerline technicians – linemen.

Activities of Company:

Engineering – designing

  • All kind of overhead power lines and low voltage networks from 0,4kV up to 500 kV
  • Substations from 10 kV to 400 kV
  • Cable lines from 0,4 kV to 110 kV
  • Cable cars
  • All kind of electric utilities


  • Overhead power line towers all voltage levels up to 400 kV
  • Steel lattice towers for pole mounted substations
  • Steel construction according to electric utility companies standard
  • Cable cars


  • Overhead power lines and low voltage networks from 0,4 kV to 400 kV
  • Pole substations
  • Substation from 10 to 400 kV
  • Cable lines of 0,4 to 110 kV
  • Cable cars
  • Lighting poles with associated electrical equipment
  • Corrosion protection


  • All necessary materials and equipment for the construction of the above facilities


  • Geodetic
  • All measurements on OPGW cables
  • Resistance measurement
  • Testing cables of all voltage levels
  • Providing of necessary attest