Completed works on the reconstruction of the conveyor belt for the thermal power plant Kosovo B

In cooperation with our partner and for the needs of investors Kosovo Energy Corporation J.S.C – KEK, company UMEL – DAELKOVODMONTAŽA d.o.o. Tuzla, has successfully completed works on the reconstruction of the conveyor belt for the Kosovo B thermal power plant.

Within its contractual obligations, UMEL – DALEKOVODMONTAŽA d.o.o. Tuzla carried out the following works:

  • disassembly of  old and installing new MV Cables,
  • disassembly of the existing conveyer rubber band and installation of a new band,
  • disassembly of old steel parts with rollers and assembly of new steel parts with rollers for conveyor belt,
  • dismantling the old and installing new containers with equipment,
  • disassembly of old and installation of new electrical motors and reductors for conveyor drive,
  • dismantling the old ones and assembling new lighting poles next to a conveyor, with excavating of the foundations for new lighting pillars,
  • Reconstruction of 6 kV cells which includes the installation of line disconnectors, circuit breakers , measuring transformers as well as installation of MV busbars and connection to MV leads,

As well as other necessary works for realization of the subject contract such as cutting and grinding of metal parts, transportation and lifting of various loads, etc.

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