1.“ZECK “ – Pull and tension stringing machine (15000 daN)1
2.“TESMEK “ – Pull and tension stringing machine (9000 daN)1
3.“TESMEK “ – Pull and tension stringing machine (3600 daN)1
4.“TESMEK” – Tension stringing machine (4000 daN)2
5.“ JAPANESE “ – Pulling-stringing machine (2×6000 daN)3
6.’’UNIMOG ’’– Truck with forefront and rear winch5
7.’’UNIMOG ’’– Truck with crane and rear winch2
8.“SCANIA “ – Truck with trailer 1
9.Trailer for pulling of working machine2
10.‘‘FAP “ – 4 weel drive truck2
11.“ ACP “ – Truck with crane of 6 tonnage1
12.“MERCEDES 1928”-Truck with crane of 6 tonnage1
13.“IVECO 190EH”-Truck with crane of 12 tonnage1
14.Excavator JCB with all accessories2
15.“TAM”-Truck with crane of 5 tonnage1
16.Machine for winding preconductor3
17.Pick-Up Van8
18.All-terrain vehicle8
19.Skip ‘‘CASE“ - Trench-digger machine3
20.‘‘NISSAN ‘‘– Pickup 5
21.‘‘MITSUBISHI ‘‘– Van1
22.‘‘VW ‘‘– Van10
23.‘‘KORPA ‘‘– Attachment to UNIMOG-crane 1
24.‘‘DICH – VICH ‘‘– Machine for trench digging 3
25.‘‘IMT‘‘– Tractor with winch and trailer1
26.COMPRESSOR ( two axle ) with all attachments1
27.Hydraulic press for ACSR conductor 4
28.Motor and electric abrade 8
29.Motor and electric bore machine8
30.Magnetic bore machine “METABO”2
31.Drills for concrete poles 500 mm (earth, rock)2
32.Divers ropes8
33.Electric generator 3
34.Per-vibrator for concrete 4
35.Water pumps (petrol-operated)3
36.Concrete mixer6
37.Hand jack (tirifori, pillift) 3 t, 2 t, 0,8 t20
38.Pulley-black ( sheaves) for single conductors (300-500)80
39.Pulley –black ( sheaves) for doubled conductors45
40.Pulley –black ( sheaves) for tripled conductors75
41.All necessary tools for splicing and measuring of OPGW cablecompl. 1
42.All necessary tools for substation mountingcompl 1.
43.All measuring devices for checking and energizing of substationcompl. 1
44.Antirotation devices for OPGWset 4
45.Antirotation devices for conductorset 6
46.‘‘TAM“ truck for transport workers and equipment1
47.Perforator (Duplex)4
48.Safety equipmentcca
49.Small equipment and mounting tools for OHLcca