WF Mesihovina, the first wind farm in B&H, was put into operation

Wind farm Mesihovina was commissioned, a first facility of that kind in our country. WF is located in the central part of Municipality of Tomislavgrad, it consist of 22 wind turbines installed capacity of 50,6 MW and it will increase the production of electricity by 165,17 GWh per year. With an average household consumption of 6,000 kilowatt hours per year, WF Mesihovina can supply around 27,500 households with electricity.

Within the scope of the project company UMEL – DALEKOVODMONTAŽA d.o.o. Tuzla was engaged on the construction of connecting OHL for WF Mesihovina.

On this project, the company UMEL – DALEKOVODMONTAŽA d.o.o. Tuzla was responsible for designing, supplying of all materials, performing all necessary works and commissioning of the connected 110 kV OHL for WF Mesihovina.

Investor of this project was JP ELEKROPRIVREDA HZHB

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